Open Data Day 2018: what do we celebrate and why?

On Open Data Day (, which is happening this year on Saturday 3 March 2018, we celebrate the benefits that open data can bring to our communities and the society at large. But what is open data exactly and why is it important? This blogpost seeks to give you some useful resources to answer this […]

Announcing the 2018 International Open Data Day mini-grant winners!

Open Data Day is an important date for a broad community that works for a more open world, where information can benefit more people.  To support the efforts made by different groups and organizations on this day, we have developed the  Open Data Day mini-grants, where, along with other organizations interested in having a more […]

Open Data Day 2018 is coming: what’s on the map?

Open Data Day is only a few weeks away: on Saturday 3 March 2018 groups from around the world are hosting talks, hackathons, conferences, workshops and other meetups celebrating the benefits open data can bring their communities. The focus this year is on four key themes: open science & open research data, tracking public money […]

Announcing the Open Data Day 2018 mini-grants scheme

If data is freed into the open, but no one uses it, can we consider it open data? This is one of the questions we need to ask ourselves is we want to promote data use. And what better day to promote data use than Open Data Day (ODD)? So what is Open Data Day? […]